Sunken Family Room Renovation

One of the many things we loved about our new home when we first saw it was the sunken family room off of the kitchen. We saw so much potential in it. However, we knew it would need a lot of work in order to transform it into our dream family room.  When we purchased it, it had the look of a hunting lodge/pool hall. Neither of which are our style 🙂 The pool table came with the house and so that has been promptly removed and we have begun the process of transforming the room into a light, bright, beautiful, cozy haven.

Here are some before pictures to get us started. I will be documenting the rooms progress here in future posts.


This is how the previous owners had the room set up. A pool table/hunting lodge room. In addition to the giant bear skin, there was also a deer head that is not pictured :/ And then they finished it off with the dark, unappealing paneling and doors.


These are the old, un-insulated, quite unattractive doors.  Not only did they let in a lot of drafts but they weren’t pretty at all. They are in the process of being replaced!

IMG_5509IMG_5545These were the stairs the room came with. Two stairs of differing heights made of concrete. We believe they were originally stairs leading to the outside of the house as the family room was a later addition. They have been removed and are being replaced with a lovely pine staircase complete with railing!

The whole room will be painted with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace on the top part of the wall and Benjamin Moore semi-gloss Super White on the paneling and trim.

Stay tuned for the next update!



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