New House!

We officially got our new house yesterday and it is so exciting! We are busily moving boxes around and working on getting some Christmas decorations up in the new place. We are delaying our actual family Christmas celebration a bit until we are somewhat settled in. Here is our new mantel with a bit of Christmas added! It is all very exciting. 1B789570-8187-40B9-9FFF-0CC4EC89C028I also still have a lot on my Christmas activities list for this year. Some of the things on the list include: getting some fresh greens and wreaths and a second Christmas tree for the new home, finishing up my shopping at the mall – peppermint mocha in hand, driving by and seeing some awe-inspiring lights displays nearby (Christmas lights are one of the things that make me happiest in life :)), going to a carol service…quite a long list actually while also unpacking, organizing, etc.. It’s a lot but it’s a lot of good things!

I will chronicle our move and the painting and decorating that will be taking place in the new house here on the blog. Stay tuned!



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