“Christmas Pen Pals”

Ok, so this movie wasn’t actually on Hallmark. I have ventured forth into Lifetime Christmas movies a bit this year. “Christmas Pen Pals” was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it left me with such a warm, happy feeling.

Niall Matter (who all Hallmark fans will recognize from the “Finding Father Christmas” series as well as “When Calls the Heart” and other movies) and Sarah Drew starred in it. They were both so lovable and endearing in this. Sarah portrayed her character, Hannah’s vulnerability and pain so beautifully and Niall likewise did the same with his character. This was my favorite performance of his that I’ve seen. His face was so sweet and loving when he interacted with Hannah and it conveyed so much.

The story revolves around their town bringing back a tradition from the 1940s where people would be paired up with a secret pen pal around the holidays. They would use code names and write to each other in the week’s leading up to Christmas. As this is going on, Hannah and Sam are spending time together again having previously dated for four years in high school and college. There is also the story line of Hannah’s family’s loss of her mom and all of their pain which is portrayed and handled really heartbreaking-ly beautifully.

All of the story lines are weaved together seamlessly. It is a well written, beautifully acted story and I will be saving it on my DVR to watch again!

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