“Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane”

This is my review of Hallmark Movie & Mysteries “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane.” First of all, great title! Honeysuckle Lane is where the the main character Emma (played by Alicia Witt) and her two siblings grew up in a beautiful, large Victorian home. Their parents who are now sadly both deceased, grew up in this town and raised their family there. This film was beautifully shot – I loved the colors and the contrasts between the snow and the depth of the other colors. It had a distinct, different look to it from other movies.

Alicia Witt is so good in this. I always love her Christmas movies. She always plays her characters with vulnerability, kindness and real likability. She meets Morgan, the antique dealer in town and they quickly move from some initial animosity to becoming partners in many things. I loved the easy rapport between them and Colin Ferguson’s portrayal of Morgan as a quiet, solid, steady presence.

The primary drama in the movie is what Emma will do – return to the big city or relocate back to the small town where she grew up. Her decision in the end is just right and exactly what this viewer wanted it to be. I won’t spoil the ending in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

I highly recommend “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane”. This one is also ripe for a sequel in my opinion 🙂

Until the next review!

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