New England has a magic unlike any other place. Fall is when that magic can be seen in every leaf and every vista. This fall has been especially colorful and glorious. I would say this week was peak foliage and the depth of the yellow and orange hues have been breathtaking. A lot of the burning bushes and maples are also in full splendor.  I have been taking my new camera (a Canon G5x that I got in July and that I am in love with) with me on my fall journeys and have attempted to capture the color of the season with it. Honestly fall in New England cannot be described – it is a living dream.  It has an otherworldly quality where the colors envelop you and add a glow and warmth to everything.IMG_2446IMG_2380IMG_1972IMG_1967IMG_1970IMG_1975IMG_2396IMG_2401IMG_2104IMG_2111IMG_2395IMG_1963IMG_2550

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