Halloween 2018

Halloween! I love watching how excited my nephew’s get about their costumes and trick-or-treating. It brings me right back to my own years as a child on Halloween – it was so much fun. We were be able to wear our costumes for a parade at school as well as at church the Sunday before Halloween and of course for trick-or-treating. I had a lot of great costumes as a kid. Angel, ’50s girl with poodle skirt, Cinderella before the ball…My love for dressing up in costumes has not waned at all over the years. This year I decided to go as a strawberry and I loved it. My littlest nephew, H, helped me do my strawberry make-up and had me put some eye shadow on him. Then he asked, “Do I look like a real Power Ranger?” in his three year old little voice. Oh my heart! So sweet. His big brother, G, dressed as black panther and they both showed us all their ninja moves in the living room before we headed out trick-or-treating. There were clear skies and thankfully it wasn’t very cold where we are.  The boys had so much fun! They said “thank you!” and “bye-bye” while waving to everyone who gave them candy. H would exclaim, “I see a light!!!!” whenever someone’s porch light was on. He knew that meant they were welcoming trick-or-treaters 🙂 We met lots of nice dogs and saw some very cool (and maybe a bit spooky) decorations. When we got home, the boys counted their candies. G got 41! And H got 37 and it may have been the first time he counted that high as well!  It was a great night. IMG_2153IMG_2148IMG_2178IMG_2227

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